Foothills Digest is telling the stories of western North Carolina. From history, to current culture, with a focus on art, nature, and good food, we think you'll find reading our magazine enjoyable. We will always think print is the best way to enjoy our stories, but we also want to share them more widely. In that spirit, we'll be regularly posting stories that you can find right here!

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The Fire and Clay issue of Foothills Digest was an absolute delight to make. That's mostly because it put us in constant contact with many of the exceptional potters across North Carolina.  We are happy to highlight the potters we feel exemplify the pottery scene in the state.

If you love pottery, it's important that you buy some! Without a market, potters can't keep making pots, so let's all do our part in keeping this tradition alive by buying some pottery. I promise, it will be worth it!


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