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Western NC is full of Opportunities for Beautiful Hikes!

Our new issue is dedicated to all things camping and hiking, designed to inspire and inform your next outdoor adventure. The magazine is split into three comprehensive sections: "Where to Stay," which highlights the best campgrounds and hidden gems in various regions; "What to Do," featuring thrilling hiking trails, scenic spots, and must-try activities; and "Tips & Product Recommendations," offering expert advice, gear reviews, and essential tips to ensure you have the best possible experience in the great outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a beginner, this issue has something for everyone.

Murder at Brightleaf Inn

Set in 1952 in the North Carolina mountains, the Brightleaf Inn is more than a picturesque getaway—it's the setting of a chilling mystery intertwining its eerie history with present dangers. Mystery novelist Margaret Holloway, seeking inspiration amid writer's block, becomes entangled in a real-life enigma when a guest dies under mysterious circumstances, marked by a single white rose. Joining forces with Detective Arthur Langley, they delve into the inn's secretive guests, uncovering motives, vendettas, and legends that bring them closer to the truth but deeper into peril. The inn, haunted by the legend of the woman in white and a past filled with ghostly sightings, takes center stage in a story that blurs the line between the living and the ghostly, hinting at a tragic love and betrayal cycle. As they race against a looming storm that traps them with a killer, Margaret and Langley must solve the mystery to avoid becoming part of the inn's dark history. 

Rosemary's Remembrances

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